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For patients: Understand how Brainspotting can help you attain your goals quickly and safely
For practitioners: Understand how Brainspotting can help you provide truly effective treatment for your clients.

Brainspotting Trauma Therapy was discovered in 2003 by David Grand, Ph.D. Over 8,000 therapists have been trained in BSP in the US, South America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.  Training is available in many locations worldwide.

Dr. David Grand teaching Brainspotting Trauma Therapy “Where we look affects how we feel”. Brainspotting Trauma Therapymakes use of this natural phenomenon through its use of relevant eye positions. This helps the BSP therapist to locate, focus, process and release a wide range of emotionally and bodily-based conditions. BSP is also a brain-based tool to support the therapy relationship. We believe that BSP taps into and harnesses the body’s natural self-scanning, self-healing ability. When a Brainspot is stimulated, the deep brain appears to reflexively signal the therapist that the source of the problem has been found. BSP can also be used to find and strengthen our natural resources and resilience. BSP is designed as a therapeutic tool that can be integrated into many of the healing modalities. BSP can also be used with performance and creativity enhancement. BSP is even more powerful when used with the enhancement of BioLateral Sound CDs.